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Lil' Wayne Song Lyrics

Gone Til November (2010)

Million Dollar Baby
My Darling Baby
Go Getta
Told Ya'll
Waist Of A Wasp
Let's Do It
Winding On Me
Scared Money
What They Said
What Niggaz Do
Veterans Day
Get Paid
No Days Off
I'm Raw
Eat You Alive
Ay Man
I'm Going In
Loving Me (With Your Eyes)

No Ceilings (2009)

Swag Surfin
Ice Cream Paint Job
Break Up
Banned From Tv
Throw It In The Bag
I Think I Love Her
Skit 2
I'm Good
Poke Her Face
Run This Town
I Gotta Feeling
Skit End
No Ceilings
Oh Let's Do It
Sweet Dreams

Rebirth (2009)

Kobe Bryant
Girls Forever
Drop The World

Tha Carter III (2008)

Mrs. Officer
Got Money
Mr. Carter
Dr. Carter
Shoot Me Down
A Milli
3 Peat
Phone Home
Tie My Hands
Let The Beat Build
La La
Playing With Fire
You Ain't Got Nuthin'
Don't Get It (Misunderstood)
Lollipop (Remix)
Prostitute 2
Lights, Camera, Action
Whip It
I'm Me
Gossip (50 Cent Diss)
Love Me Or Hate Me
Talkin' About It

Tha Carter III: The Rebirth (2008)

Hot Revolver
I'm Not Human
Prom Queen
Red Rum
Hot Revolver (Extended)
Mr. Mike Tyson Flow

The Drought Is Over Pt. 6 - The Reincarnation (2008)

The Reincarnation
I'm A Monster
Red Magic
Best Thing Yet
First Place Winner
Down Here
My Office
I Feel Me
Put Me In The Game
Different Girl
See It For Myself
Tell Everybody That You Know
Whatever You Like
Dick Pleaser
Street Life
Drought Is Never Over

The Drought Is Over Pt. 5 (2007)

Flavor Of Wayne (Intro)
Only Reason
Im So Tired [Remix]
I Run This B****
The Truth
Ask Them Hoes
I Got Them
Nike Boots [Remix]
One Night Only
Poppin For The Paper
Need Some Quiet Time
Time To Give Me
They Come For Me
Swag [Remix]
Some Say
Brand New
The Morgue
Come About It
Pom Pom
Step Back
Make Way [Remix]
Gangsta Boys
Miami Vice The Life
Rap Real Well (Outro)

The Leak (2007)

I'm Me
Love Me Or Hate Me
Talkin' About It

New Orleans Nightmare 8: The Saga Continues (2007)

Pop It 4 The Paper Ft Cassidy
I'm So Tired (hot!!!) Ft Baby
Believe That
Freestyle (New Orleans Nightmare 8)
I Run This
6 Shot
We Come To See Bout It
We Don't Play That (exclusive)
Come 4 Me
Intro New Orleans Nightmare 8
Lights, Camera, Action
The Life
Full Clip
Pom Pom (Official Version)
We Stay Grindin Ft Baby
Cannon Pt 3 (new Verses)
The End Of The Road
Always Strapped (remix) Ft Juelz Santana

The Drought Is Over: Part. 4 (2007)

Pop That Pussy
Big Dogg Status
Gossip (50 Cent Diss)
One Night Only
Get Too Comfortable
Breakin My Heart
Operate On Me
We Come And See About It
Need Some Quiet
Its Time To Give Me Mine
Ask Dem Hoes
Brand New
When They Come For Me
I Took Her
Money, Cars, Clothes
I Like It
Do What We Do
Burn This City

The Drought Is Over 3 (Lil Wayne & Jadakiss: Who Is The Predator) (2007)

I Am The Predator (intro)
My House
Pray To The Lord
Screwed Up
Dear Lord
Tell Me You Need Me (Apologize Remix)
Killing Me
Why Im The Predator (interlude)
Im Raw
White Girl
Party Like A Rockstar
Beat Without Bass
Uh Oh
I Am The Predator (intro)
Whipe Me Down
A Bay Bay
Take It Down South
In The Ghetto
G Shit
Jadakiss & Sheek-its Me Bitches
Last Dayz
The Preadtor Is Back
Havoc Shit
Wall To Wall
Classic Freestyle Pt.1
Classic Freestyle Pt.2

New Orleans Nightmare 4 (2007)

Its Killin Me

The Drought Is Over 2 (Carter 3 Sessions) (2007)

Did It Before
Something You Forgot
I Know The Future
Time For Us To Fuck
I'm A Beast
Pussy M.v.p.
Let's Talk
Diamonds & Girls
I Feel Like Dying
La La La
Get It Shawty
Prostitute Flange
Brown Paper Bag
What He Does
World Of Fantasy

Weezyaveli: Weezy F Baby Pt 3 (2007)

In the Face
1000 Degrees
Light Up My(Lala)
All I Have
3 N Morning
For The World
Love Me Or Hate Me
I Did It
1,2 Yall
How U Want It
Prostitute Flange
Hey America
Boy Is Fresh
Gettin It
Married To Block
Living Or Dying
Biography Of Weezyaveli
Brown Paper Bag (Remix)
Hot Shit
Shovelin Snow
Boyz N Blue Watchin

Da Drought 3 (2007)

Sky's The Limit
Put Some Keys On It
I Can't Feel My Face
Get High, Rule Tha World
Dough Is What I Got
Swizzy (Remix)
Intro: This Is Why I'm Hot Freestyle
Black Republicans
The Sky's The Limit
New Cash Money
I'm Blooded
Don't Stop, Won't Stop
We Takin' Over (Remix)
Walk It Out
Live From 504
King Kong
Hard Body
Chalk It Out
N. O. Nigga
Back On My Grizzy
Dipset 2
Seat Down Low

Like Father, Like Son (2006)

Loyalty (Skit)
Over Here Hustlin'
Stuntin' Like My Daddy
1st Key
Like Father, Like Son
You Ain't Know
Family Rules (Skit)
Know What I'm Doin'
Don't Die
Ain't Worried Bout Shit
Out The Pound
Leather So Soft
Army Gunz
Protector (Skit)
Get That Money
No More
Cali Dro
About All That
Respect (Skit)
Stuntin' Like My Daddy (Rock Remix)

Tha Carter II (2005)

Tha Mobb
Fly In
Money On My Mind
Mo Fire
On Tha Block #1
Best Rapper Alive
Lock And Load
Oh No
Grown Man
On Tha Block #2
Hit Em Up
Carter II
Hustler Musik
Weezy Baby
On Tha Block #3
I'm A DBoy
Feel Me
Get Over
Fly Out

Tha Carter (2004)

Walk In
Go Dj
This Is The Carter
Bm J.r.
On The Block #1
I Miss My Dawgs
We Don't
On My Own
Tha Heat
Cash Money Millionaires
Bring It Back
Who Wanna
On The Block #2
Get Down
Only Way
Ain't That A Bitch
Walk Out

500 Degreez (2002)

Fly Talkin'
Look At Me
Way Of Life
Big Tigger Live On The Radio
Gangsta And Pimps
Gangsta Shit
Where You At
Worry Me
500 Degreez
Go Hard
Young'n Blues
Believe That
Rob Nice Live On The Radio
Fuck You
What Does Life Mean To Me
Get That Dough
Fo Sheezy
Fly Talkin' Go Home

Lights Out (2000)

On The Grind
Hit U Up
Fuck Wit Me Now
Lil One
Break Me Off
Put It On Tha Streets
Wish You Would
Grown Man
Jump Jiggy
Tha Blues
Let's Go
Act A Ass

Tha Block Is Hot (1999)

Intro Tha Block Is Hot
Tha Block Is Hot
Loud Pipes
Watcha Wanna Do
High Beamin
Lights Off
Fuck The World
Remember Me
Respect Us
Drop It Like It's Hot
Young Playa
Enemy Turf
Not Like Me
Come On
Up To Me
You Want War

Miscellaneous Songs

Calling Me Killer
I Don't Know
Oh Boy
Shine (Extended Remix)
Way Of Life
Stand Up
Get Your Shine On
Neva Get Enuf
Tell Me (Remix)
6 Minutes
Shorty Bounce
I Feel Like
Damage Is Done
You Nasty
Show Me What You Got (Remix)
Georgia... Bush
All Alone (Speaking On Nivea/hot Boys)
Nigga Wit Money
I Gets Busy
Don't Give A Fuck
She Feelin Me
David Banner
My House Girl
Private Dancer
Top Back Freestyle
Imagine (If I Ruled The World)
Sky's The Limit
Alphabet Bitches
Calling Me Killer
Dough Is What I Got
Get At These Niggas
Get Somethin'
Hard Body
I Like Dat
I'm Blooded (I Luv It Freestyle)
King Kong Remix
Knuck If You Buck Freestyle
Mr. Postman
My Girl
New Orleans Presidential Shit
Nigga Wit Money
Oh Boy
Pump That Bass
Put It On Tha Streets
Real Talk
Ride With The Mack
Shine (Extended Remix)
Shorty Bounce
Show Me What You Got (Remix)
Thank God Im Famous
Upgrade U Freestyle
Walk It Off
Way Of Life
Weezy Baby Baby Baby
Ya Dig
Promise Freestyle
Weezy's Ambitions
Mean Car Game
Ask Dem Hoes
We Takin' Over (My Daddy Freestyle)
Microphone Check
Make It Rain (New Verse) (live)
Prostitute Flange
Feelin' Me
Problem Solver
Prostitute Flange (Remix)
Best Of Me Freestyle
Tell Me You Need Me
Beat Without Base
Flashy And Fly
March It Out
Everything Will Be Fine
Just Doo It
PUSSY Monster
About U
Crank Dat Weezy Wee
Get Off Me
Clear Da Scene
In The Booth
Pop Bottles
G Till The End
Apologize (Remix)
Crying Out For Me (Remix)
Get It On Wit Yall
Money, Drugs, Bitches, Liquor
Can't Tell Me Nothing (Freestyle)
Rock Bottom
Reggae Shit
Lollipop Remix
The Boss (Joey Fingaz/kickdrums Mix)
PMW (Pussy Money Weed)
G Slide Remix
Too Clean
Me And My Drank
A Millie 2.0
Boom Bap
California Love
Down 4 My Niggaz Freestyle
Eat You Alive
Eternal Sunshine
Gangsta Boys
Hawaii 5.0
Kiss Me Baby
Like This
Lisa Marie
Lollipop (Dirty Version)
Me & You
Mic Check 1,2
Smokin' Section
The Bad, The Sad & The Hated
The Only Reason
Unreleased Freestyle # 1
We Stay High
You Aint Got Nothing On Me
A Millie (Dirty Version)
A Milli (Clean Version)
S On My Chest
Stunt Hard
Kobe Bryant
Turnin Me On
Told Ya'll
We Be Steady Mobbin'
Every Girl
I'ma Go Getta
Throw Some D's Freestyle
Your Gonna Love Me
How Can Something
No Quitter, Go Getter
Always Strapped
Dear Summer
Her, Him & Me
Murk Off
Prom Queen
In The Morning
Call Of Duty
Brand New
Brand New Money
Fix My Hat
In The Morning
Gunpoint Stories
Me & My Drink
When They Come For Me
The Martian
U Ain't Neva Gotta Ask
Get Money Freestyle
Stunt When I See You
Tell Her One
Girl You Know
I Feel Like Dying
She Wants Me
Baseball Sex
Ready For The World
My Weezy
Thingy Pleaser
Get Bizzy
Imma Be Aight
Mentally Mind Blown
Fuck Today

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