Forlorn Suffering Betrayed By Faith Lyrics

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Betrayed By Faith Forlorn Suffering Song Lyrics

Betrayed By Faith Lyrics
by Forlorn Suffering

Alone In This World from Day One
Created by God - His Only Son
Placed on This Earth to Spread His Disease
Brought Down by Hate - Down to His Knees

(Betrayed by Faith, by his Lord
Forever Enslaved in Ancient Lore
Crucified for his Sins
God Laughs, Satan Wins)

Divine Son of God, Raised by Believers
No-One Ever Questioned how he could Deceive us
Fed Off, People s Insecurities
Laughing as he ignored Their Pleas

Led His Followers With False Prophecies
Watching them Die, Watching Them Bleed
Eternal Life for Your Loyalty
Eternal life of Misery


"I'll Take You to Heaven, the Kingdom is Yours
Deny Your own Life, Submit to the Cause
Change Your Beliefs to fit in With Mine
Grant me Your Soul Till the end of Time"

Given a Chance to Repent for his Sins
Delusions of Grandeur, Enrobed by Hymns
Nothing but Silence Comes From his Lord
Nothing but Hatred Becomes his Accord

Forsaken by God, Nailed to the Cross
The People Don t Care, No Great Loss
Rejected by People he was Trying to Save
Nailed up - Between two Knaves


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