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Calabrese Song Lyrics

Born With A Scorpion's Touch (2013)

American Rebel Death Riders
Born With A Scorpion's Touch
I Wanna Be A Vigilante
At Night I Am The Warmest
Loner At Heart
Ride With The Living Dead
Only The Dead Know My Name
I Ride Alone
There Is An Evil Inside

Dayglo Necros (2012)

The Dead Don't Rise
Coffin Of Ruins
Heart Possession
The Man Who Lived Twice
She Hasn't Been Herself In Years
Red Slash
Hungry Are The Dogs
History Of Nothing
Bring Us Hell
Damned To The Night
Sea Of Dirt

III - They Call Us Death (2010)

They Call Us Death
Black Anathema
Deep In The Red
Near Twilight
Blood Of The Wolf
Within The Abyss
Summon The Beyond
Violet Hellfire
The Machine Of Instant Death
Endless Night
Loveless God

The Traveling Vampire Show (2007)

Death Eternal
Voices Of The Dead
Vampires Don't Exist
Inside This Coffin
Night In The Lonesome October
Come Alive
Children Of The Night
Saturday Night Of The Living Dead
The Young Princes Of Darkness
Darkness, Tells Us
Your Ghost
The House Of Mysterious Secrets

13 Halloweens (2005)

Zombie I
Death Of Me
One Of Us
Midnight Spookshow
Backseat Of My Hearse
Eyes Down
Shrunken Head Kids
Blood In My Eyes
Every Day's A Funeral

Miscellaneous Songs

Lust For Sacrilege

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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