Nicki Minaj Can Anybody Hear Me Lyrics

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Can Anybody Hear Me Nicki Minaj Song Lyrics

Can Anybody Hear Me Lyrics
by Nicki Minaj

[Nicki Minaj:]
I Push it I Push it Like I'm In Labour
And He'll Teach Me To Love My Neigbour, Just What Way of Processin All tha data-
Processin all tha data; Processin all tha Hataz.
You Was writin disses I waz takin pictures, Sigin autographs for ALL of My Bad Bitches
And in tha Nick of time it just dawned on me; I Am Nicki Minaj and it's all on me.
But Hey, maybe I'll neva win, maybe I'm settlin, can't let the devil in I'm A comic book heroin.
But when the wind blows I'm So Marilyn [echo:] I'm So Marilyn
Yo!, Write it down, take a pictcha bitches e-mail dat
I came to save a thing called female rap.
But I hope My Ninja Powers don't fuck around and offend you cowards.
You Mad at me cause you think I got it easy, If we was in the 2nd grade then you would tease me;
You See you just a lil snoty-nosed hood rat. "I love Nicki" scribbled all over ya book bag.
I Love You Too. I just wished ya mother woulda hugged you too.
You Know Nicki Love Tha Kids. Yellow Brick Road Lukkin For Da Wizz.
When it Rains it Pours For Real; Def Jam Said I'm No Lauryn Hill;
Can't Rap and Sing on the same CD. The Public won't get it they gat ADD.
See Nicki. Follow tha rules, Go and Say your Prayers and get ready for school.
{Yeah Follow the Rules, Let Me Say My Prayers and Be Ready For School}
Dear God:
I Am only what you made me. And I appriceate everything that you gave me.
But Like; I don wanna do it no more, sortta lost sight in what I'm Doin it for
Thought that I waz doin somethin good for tha game.
Till They all started throwin dirt on my name
Tell Debbie I REALLY REALLY tried and that I said I'm Sorry but I Have to say good-bye.
Tell Fendi I'll Neva Faget him. And Please Tell Wayne I'll Always be in debted.
{I'll Neva Faget him. And Please Tell Wayne I'll Always be in debted}

Ayyyy!... Can anybody hear me?...
AYYYY!... Can anybody hear me?...
AYYYY!... Can anybody hear me?...
AYYYY!... Can anybody hear me?...

[song fades]

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