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Crazy Trina Song Lyrics

Crazy Lyrics
by Trina

(feat. Pretty Money)

It's a rap we finna get it
Trina uh huh, Nesh, Angel, M.G.C

Where my medication I've been diagnosed crazy
Only comprehending getting money please save me
Taking pills daily money orders maybe
If it's issued from the post office we can talk baby
I spaz out mind real twisted
Psych meds don't work just admit am gifted
How I milk the business with no college courses
How we ride horses how we push Porsche's
Bitch back the line we some real crazy bitches
Swag so proper we gon' take all your riches
Haters dig intentions die screaming pretty money
It ain't making sense if you ain't talking pretty money
Surprise 3.0.5 and am live bring them bitches out amma so them how I ride
It ain't making sense if it ain't talking pretty money
It ain't making sense if it ain't talking pretty money

It ain't making sense if it ain't talking pretty money [x4]

C now when deva step through best believe shit crazy
2 pink pearls on tha neck dats crazy
Hold up wait a minute turn my mike on
Am bout 2 shit a teach a lesson while I get my swag on
It's session proof over here we eating every year clockwork balling mix champagne with belvedere
Chicas ain't talking bout nothing on the must side
What about my crazy attitude screaming homicide
Leave you open wide we can see right through yah
Understand M.G.C don't front line it to yah
Like we never knew yah ama point ama vet am as good as it get keeping niggas up in check
No swag fuck a nigga I float my own boats
I write my own checks
I cut my own smoke
Name a diva that can stand up in my shadow
Get her head torn off like they did in sleepy hallow

It ain't making sense if it ain't talking pretty money [x4]

[Trina M.I.A QUEEN:]
Now when the baddest in the building nothing don't move
Don't nobody speak I make the rules
I call the shots I give the blues
It's amazing how I do this all in high heels shoes
My whip game crazy swag that crazy
Bitches got laid off cause them bitches lazy
1st rap bitch to pop off a real label tell me why you got horses when you don't own a stable
Bitches ain't able am sweet like maple
Syrup on pancakes he licks the whole fable
Lean mean who else could be unless it's nisha angel repping M.G.C
And the squad is intangible am tha commendable
Focus on them dollars I ain't maxing am demanding you
Don't make me call the cleaning crew
Make them get rid of you cause when this shit get crazy ain't no telling what my niggaz do

It ain't making sense if it ain't talking pretty money [x4]

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