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Fake Problems Song Lyrics

It's Great To Be Alive (2009)

Deam Team
You're A Serpent, You're A She-Snake
Don't Worry Baby
The Heaven & Hell Cotillion
Level With The Devil
Diamond Rings
Tabernacle Song
Alligator Assassinator
There Are Times
Too Cold To Hold

Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full Of Lies - EP (2008)

Adam's Song
Wendy Clear

How Far Our Bodies Go (2007)

How Far Our Bodies Go
Born & Raised
Maestro Of This Rebellious Symphony
Busy Bees
Crest On The Chest
To Repel Ghosts
Cold On The Soul
Heck Yeah Summer
Staying And Leaving As Living And Dying
Life's A Drink, Get Thirsty!
Oh Maria
Para Tu

Spurs & Spokes / Bull > Matador - EP (2006)

Heat On The Feet
Motion Of The Ocean
Oh, Your Silver Heart
Sorry, Ok, Sorry, Ok, Sorry
Degree'd Or Denounced
My First Million
Caravan Of Courage

Miscellaneous Songs

How Do You Spell Hero Evel
Real Problems In SRQ
C'mon James

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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