Trina Good Pussy Lyrics

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Good Pussy Trina Song Lyrics

Good Pussy Lyrics
by Trina

Can you hear me I'm callin
You got it you got it you got it
You got it and you know
You got sum good pussy
You a fine mutha fucka
Um about to say to hell with dis rubber
You got sum good pussy
Um a dunk dat don't like to trick
Let me gon put dis on you real shit
You got sum good pussy
You got me thinkin of an argument argument
So I can come and get some of yo good pussy
You got some good pussy
Got me calling out yo name
Before you know it oops I don came
You got some good pussy

I got stalkin pussy
Cause if you get it you gon stalk
One nigga sai dits so damn good
His car won't start he finna walk
Hynotizing pussy dat will make u leave yo bitch
You gon tell her all about me
Ain't no need for me to snitch
Dat pussy you were sneakin to
That window you was creepin threw
Dis pussy yo addiction
All fact ain't nothin fiction
Prediction He loosin everything if I work him out
Miss pretty pussy sickem uhh oo finna let ha out
Um niagra fallin
His stroke he think he ballin
Now I want him callin
Cause he stuck it all in
Niggas catch a heart-attack
When I throw this pussy back
Let him pull a weave track
Made him cum just like that
We ain't neva fuckin long
They tell me that they back is strong
So I have to prove them wrong
Good Pussy that's my song
Next try betta luck
This pussy waitin to be stuck
But right before they hit it up
I make them niggas cover up

If u got some good pussy
Wave your hands in the air [x3]


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