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H-Town Song Lyrics

Imitations Of Life (2004)

Nothin In Common Intro
Nothin In Common
Let’s Just Make It
My Pink Sky
Back Home To Lovin You
Strip Club Junkies
The Thrill Is Gone
Here We Go Again
Cryin Out My Heart To You
Your Body Intro
Feel Like Fire
Sex Dance
Mre Way To Love A Woman
Champagne Bubble Bath
Day I Die
Stop Living In Color
She’s Actin Bad
Slow And Easy
Spank Me

Ladies Edition: Woman's World (1997)

Woman's Anthem Intro
Don't Sleep On The Female
Toon Girl
Die For You
Married Man
Beggars Can't Be Choosey
Ways To Treat A Woman
Don't Hold Back The Rain
I Sleep U I Wear U
They Like It Slow
Special Kinda Fool
Natural Woman
Shoot 'em Up
Woman's World
Visions In My Mind
Julie Rain
Woman's Anthem

Beggin' After Dark (1994)

H-town Intro '94
Sex Bowl
One Night Gigolo
Prelude To Emotion
Cruisin' Fo' Honeys
Full Time
1-900-Call Gi
Tumble & Rumble
Much Feelin' (And It Tastes Great)
Beggin' After Dark
Indo Love
Back Seat (With No Sheets)
Buss One
Baby I Love Ya'
Sticky Lee Presley
Rockit Steady
The Last Record

Fever For Da Flavor (1993)

Can't Fade Da H
Treat U Right
Fever For Da Flavor
Sex Me
H-town Bounce
Keepin' Mu Composure
Lick U Up
Knochin' Da Boots
Won't U Come Back
Baby I Wanna

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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