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Lake Street Dive Song Lyrics

Side Pony (2015)

Godawful Things
Close To Me
Call Off Your Dogs
Spectacular Failure
I Don't Care About You
So Long
How Good It Feels
Side Pony
Hell Yeah
Can't Stop
Saving All My Sinning

Bad Self Portraits (2014)

Stop Your Crying
Better Than
Rabid Aninmal
You Go Down Smooth
Use Me Up
Bobby Tanqueray
Just Ask
What About Me
Rental Love
Bad Self Portraits

Fun Machine (2012)

Clear A Space
I Want You Back
Rich Girl
This Magic Moment
Let Me Roll It

Lake Street Dive (2010)

Hello? Goodbye!
Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand
My Heart's In The Right Place
I Don't Really See You Anymore
Miss Disregard
Funny Not To Care
Neighbor Song
Got Me Fooled
We All Love The Same Songs
Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand (reprise)
My Speed

Promises, Promises (2008)

Be Cool
The Panhandling Song
Thinking Of You, And Such
Love To Food
This Paddleball Game
As Much As I Do
Hell To Pay
Death On Pluto
Promises, Promises

In This Episode... (2007)

Sometimes When I'm Drunk And You're Wearing My Favorite Shirt
I Can Sleep With My Eyes Open
The Frustration Song
Drugs Or God
A Cowgirl Lovesong
Well Lit Room
Scones (astepbackwardsbut)
The Very Special Person Song
I Make The Wrong Decisions
Just Show Up And Look Pretty
Reply Girl (The Betty Song)

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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