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Majesty Song Lyrics

Rebels (2017)

Path To Freedom
Die Like Kings
Rebels Of Our Time
Yolo HM
The Final War
Across The Lightning
Iron Hill
Heroes In The Night
Running For Salvation
Fighting Till The End

Generation Steel (2015)

Hawks Will Fly
Generation Steel
Circle Of Rage
Shout At The World
Damnation Hero
Children Of The Dark
The Last Reward
Knights Of The Empire
Rulers Of The World
War For Metal

Thunder Rider (2013)

New Era
Warlords Of The Sea
Make Some Noise
Young And Free
Raise The Beast
Rebellion Of Steel
Thunder Rider
Anthem Of Glory
Metal Union

Banners High (2013)

The Day When The Battle Is Won
Take Me Home
United By Freedom
We Want His Head
Pray For Thunder
Bloodshed And Steel
All We Want, All We Need
Banners High
Time For Revolution
Judgment Of The Gods
On A Mountain High

Hellforces (2006)

Guardians Of The Dragon Grail
March For Victory
Freedom Heart
Metal Law 2006
The Blessing
Heavy Metal Desire
Nowhere Man
Like A Raptor
Dance With The Demon
Fight Forever
Sons Of A New Millenium

Sons Of A New Millennium - Ep (2006)

Ride And Fight (Remastered)
Sons Of A New Millennium (Single Version)
Hail To Majesty (Live)
Make It, Not Break It
Guardians Of The Dragongrail (Orchestral Version)

Reign In Glory (2003)

Heavy Metal Battlecry
Into The Stadiums
Reign In Glory
Will Of The Cobra
Defender Of The Brave
Lord Of The Damned
Thunder In The Silence
Troopers Of Steel
Falcon In The Storm

Sword And Sorcery (2002)

Sword and Sorcery
Fields Of War
Heavy Metal
Epic War
Ride Silent!
Fist Of Steel
Aria Of Bravery
Metal To The Metalheads
Ride And Fight

Keep It True (2001)

Keep It True
Strong As Steel
Hail To Majesty
Son Of Metal
Into The Night
Metal Force
We Will Ride
Last Revolution

Miscellaneous Songs

Ride Silent
Swords And Sorcery
The Will Of The Cobra

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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