Lil' Wayne One Night Only Lyrics

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One Night Only Lil' Wayne Song Lyrics

One Night Only Lyrics
by Lil' Wayne

I Have No Doubt I Could Love You Forever
The Only Trouble Is, You Really Don't Have The Time
You Got One Night Only...

And When They See Me They See 3 Baby

She Marks Her Calandar
Every Schedule, Every Plan
She Knows When Im Comin
Shes More Than A Fan
She Got My Tour Dates
She Also Got A Man
But Homie Gotta Understand She Got
(One Night Only)
And No One Gon Take It From Her
Nothings Gon Make Her Miss It
And When I Go She'll Miss It
But She'll Never Forget That
(One Night Only)

Next Day Another City
Shes Never Comin Wit Me
Im Nothin More Than Memories
Memories She Keep Forever
She Always Dream About Me
Wish She Could Forever
She Get Her Fit Togehter
She Get Her Shit Together
After My Concert She Wanna Get Together
I Get Her On My Bus
We Chill And Sit Together
She Has No Curfew
I Can Take The Bitch Wherever
Come Off A Bit Respectful, Im On A Different Level
I Got Her Feelin Special Then She Remember She Got
(One Night Only)

But I Can Make U Love Me Forever
Baby I Can Make U Love Me Forever
Now All The Hoes Hate Her.
The Dudes Wanna Date Her
Her Nigga Saw Her Leave
She Deal With Him Later
Right Now She Wit The Greatest
Im Even Homies Favorite
I Couldnt Even Blame Her
She Doin Him A Favor
She Let That Nigga Love Her
She Let That Nigga Save Her
But When I Come She Let A Nigga Take Her..Take Her For
(One Night Only) [x2]

She Turnin Off Her Phone
She Turnin Off Her Pager
Tell Him That Shit On Roam
That Nigga Goin In Labor
(One Night Only)[x2]
These Niggas Hate The Game
But They Cant Block The Layup
And She Go Home To Him
He Sicker Than A Patient
He Waitin At The Table
No Breakfast At The Table
He Ask Her Wher She Been
She Say Stop Trippin It Was
(One Night Only) [x8]
But I Can Make U Love Me Forever
I Can Make U Love Me Forever. Yeah.
Them Older Bitches Jealous
Say She A Groupie Whore
But Every Woman In This World Was U Before
See Everybody Wish To Porn That Superstar
But When It Come True, How True U Are
You Got (One Night Only) [x2]

See I Cant Be Her Man
And She Cant Be My Girl
Oh But We Fuck Like Its The End Of The World
And We Got (One Night Only) [x2]
I Got A Wife, She Knows
My Wife Aint On The Road
When She Come To My Room,
She Take Off All Her Clothes
Say Anything Goes
Tomorrow Same Clothes
We Probably Order Movies
We Probably Lay Together
But We Cant Stay Together
Thats When I Gotta Tell Her

I Have No Doubt I Could Love You Forever
The Only Trouble Is, You Really Don't Have The Time
You've Got One Night Only...

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