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Pigeon Detectives (The) Song Lyrics

Broken Glances (2017)

Stay With Me
Change My World
Lose Control
Enemy Lines
Sounding The Alarm
Falling In Love
A Little Bit Alone

We Met At Sea (2013)

I Won't Come Back
Hold Your Gaze
Light Me Up
Can't You Find Me
I Don't Mind
Day And Month
No State To Drive
Where You Are

Up Guards And At Em (2011)

She Wants Me
What Can I Say?
Need To Know This
Done In Secret
What You Gonna Do?
Turn Out The Lights
Through The Door
Go At It Completely
I Don't Know You

Together (2010)

Your Hands (Together)
Crash Years
Up In The Dark
Silver Jenny Dollar
Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk
My Shepherd
If You Can't See My Mirrors
Valkyrie In The Roller Disco
A Bite Out Of My Bed
Daughters Of Sorrow
We End Up Together

Emergency (2008)

Draw The Curtain
This Is An Emergency
I'm Not Gonna Take This
Keep On Your Dress
Don't You Wanna Find Out
I'll Be Waiting
She' Gone
Nothing To Do With You
I'm Liar
You Don't Need It
Say It Like You Mean It
Love You For A Day (hate You For A Week)
Making Up Numbers
Everybody Wants Me

Wait For Me (2007)

Don't Know How To Say Goodbye
Romantic Type
I Found Out
You Know I Love You
You Better Not Look My Way
I'm Not Sorry
I'm Always Right
Caught In Your Trap
Wait For Me
Stop Or Go
Take Her Back
I Can't Control Myself

Miscellaneous Songs

Left Alone

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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