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Playa Fly Song Lyrics

Fly2K (2002)

Lil' 2k
Bill Chill Lives
White Boy Billy
Crownin' Me
Universal Heartthrob
Here Fly Come
Club Friendly
We Ain't Playin' Witcha
M 2 Da 3rd
Flexin' Skit (My Biggest Muscle)
Life Goes On
Nobody Needs Nobody
Sap Sucka
Ghetto Eyes
Few & Da Proud
Minnie Mae 4 Life
Here Fly Come (Instrumental)

Da Game Owe Me (1999)

Get Me Out
Ghetto Eyes
Talkin' Cash
Damn What Another Say
Breakin' Da Law
Skit (Luv 2 Hate Me)
Start Runnin'
Get 'em
Feel Me
Send For Me
N God We Trust
As - Salaam Alaikum

Just Gettin It On (1999)

Gettin' It On
Gettin' It On Outro
Fuck A Wanna Be
Catch You Slippin'
Just Awaken Shaken
Shout Outs
Ana 'ho
Sho' Is Funky
Ode To The Triple Bitches
Triple Bitch Mafia
Damn What A Nigga Say
Gettin' It On (Radio Edit)

Movin' On (1998)

M - M - M
Movin' On
Start Runnin'
I - B - N
Still Iz On
Luv Da Hay
Funk - N - Bock
Write Sum Bump

Fly Shit (1996)

Nappy Hair & Gold Teeth
Crownin' Me
Playas In Da House
Flizy Comin' (Triple Bitch Mafia Pt.2)
Da Show
Let's Get It Crunk
Fly Shit
Got Ya Hot
Havin' Thangs
Work To Do
Blow My Mind

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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