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Primordial Song Lyrics

Where Greater Men Have Fallen (2014)

The Alchemist's Head
Ghosts Of The Charnel House
Wield Lightning To Split The Sun
Come The Flood
Born To Night
The Seed Of Tyrants
Where Greater Men Have Fallen
Babel's Tower

Redemption At The Puritan's Hand (2011)

No Grave Deep Enough
Lain With The Wolf
Bloodied Yet Unbowed
God's Old Snake
The Mouth Of Judas
The Black Hundred
The Puritan's Hand
Death Of The Gods
Rehearsing The Puritan S Hand
Interviews Und Making Of

To The Nameless Dead (2007)

Empire Falls
Gallows Hymn
As Rome Burns
Failures Burden
Heathen Tribes
The Rising Tide
Traitors Gate
No Nation On This Earth

The Gathering Wilderness (2005)

The Golden Spiral
The Gathering Wilderness
The Song Of The Tomb
End Of All Times
The Coffin Ships
Tragedys Birth
Cities Carved In Stone

Dark Romanticism (2004)

To Enter Pagan
The Darkest Flame
Among The Lazarae
To The Ends Of The Earth
In Graciousness
A Blacker Art
Total Destruction
To Walk the Infernal Fields

Storm Before Calm (2002)

The Heretic's Age
Fallen To Ruin
Cast To The Pyre
Suns First Rays
What Sleeps Within
Sons Of The Morrigan
Hosting Of The Sidhe

Spirit The Earth Aflame (2000)

Spirit The Earth Aflame
Gods To The Godless
The Soul Must Sleep
The Burning Season
Glorious Dawn
The Cruel Sea
Children Of The Harvest

A Journey's End (1998)

Graven Idol
Dark Song
Autumn's Ablaze
Journey's End
Solitary Mourner
Bitter Harvest
An Aistear Deirneach

Imrama (1995)

Fuil Arsa
Infernal Summer
Here I Am King
The Darkest Flame
The Fires...
Let The Sun Set On Life Forever
To The Ends Of The Earth
Awaiting The Dawn...

Dark Romanticism... Sorrows Bitter Harvest... (1993)

To Enter Pagan
The Darkest Flame
Among The Lazarai (Eternal Reap Sonet I)
To The Ends Of The Earth

Miscellaneous Songs

Among The Lazarai (Eternal Reap Sonnet 1)
End Of All Times (the Martyr's Fire)
Tragedy's Birth

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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