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Talib Kweli Song Lyrics

Eardrum (2007)

Everything Man
NY Weather Report
Hostile Gospel, Pt. 1
Say Something
Country Cousins
Holy Moly
Eat To Live
In The Mood
Soon the New Day
Give 'Em Hell
More or Less
Stay Around
Hot Thing
Space Fruit (Interlude)
Perfect Beat
Oh My Stars
Go With Us
Hostile Gospel, Pt. 2

Liberation (2007)

Time Is Right
The Function
Engine Runnin'
The Show
Funny Money
Soul Music
What Can I Do?
Happy Home
Over The Counter

Right About Now (2005)

Right About Now
Drugs, Basketball & Rap
Who Got It
Fly That Knot
Ms. Hill
Flash Gordon
Supreme Supreme
The Beast
Roll Off Me
Rock On
Where You Gonna Run
Two & Two

The Beautiful Struggle (2004)

Going Hard
Back Up Offa Me
Broken Glass
We Know
A Game
I Try
Around My Way
We Got The Beat
Work It Out
Ghetto Snow
Black Girl Pain
Never Been In Love
Beautiful Struggle
We Pullin' Out Tonite

Quality (2002)

Keynote Speaker
Get By
Shock Body
Gun Music
Waitin' For The Dj
Talk To You (Lil' Darlin')
Guerilla Monsoon Rap
Put It In The Air
The Proud
Where Do We Go
Stand To The Side
Good To You
Won't You Stay

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek: Train Of Thought (2000)

Expansion Dedication
Move Somethin'
Some Kind Of Wonderful
The Blast
This Means You
Too Late
Memories Live
Africa Dream
Down For The Count
Name Of The Game
Ghetto Afterlife
On My Way
Love Language
Love Speakeasy
Soul Rebels
Big Nel From Da Natti
Touch You
Good Mourning
Expansion Outro
For Women

Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star (1998)

Astronomy (8th Light)
Children's Story
Brown Skin Lady
B Boys Will B Boys
K.O.S. (Determination)
Hater Players
Yo Yeah
Theives In The Night
Twice Inna Lifetime

Miscellaneous Songs

Get By (Remix)
Buck 'em Down Freestyle
Lonely People
Wack Niggas
The Blast (Video Version)
Down For The Count (Solo Version)
The Blast Remix
Bright As The Stars
2000 Seasons
Here We Go (Original)
What They May Seem
Jackin 4 Beats
Outside The Lounge
Sharp Shooters
Oz Theme 2000
Raise The Bar
The Express
On Mission
Rhymes And Ammo
Yelling Away
Great Expectations
Lunchroom Classics
Human Element
Bridge To Bama (Hi-tek Remix)
Protective Custody
Brown Sugar (Raw)
Talkin To You
Fortified Live
One Four Love Pt. 1
Little Brother
Another World
Prime Example
Respiration (Flying High Mix)
Soundbombing Freestyle
What's Beef?
Comin From The Lower Level
So Good
Niggas Lie A Lot
Take It Back

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