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Texas Song Lyrics

Jump On Board (2017)

Round The World
Let's Work It Out
Can't Control
For Everything
It Was Up To You
Tell That Girl
Sending A Message
Great Romances
Won't Let You Down

Texas 25 (2015)

Start A Family
Black Eyed Boy
Say What You Want
Supafly Boy
Inner Smile
The Conversation
Say Goodbye
When We Are Together
Are You Ready
I Don't Want A Lover
Summer Son
Everyday Now
Put Your Arms Around Me
In Our Lifetime
In Demand
Say What You Want (All Day Every Day)
Detroit City

The Conversation (2013)

I Need Time
Maybe I
Dry Your Eyes
If This Isn't Real
Detroit City
I Will Always
Talk About Love
Hid From The Light
Hearts Are Made To Stray
Big World
The Conversation
Be True
Where Do You Go

Red Book (2005)

Can't Resist
What About Us? (Dallas)
Get Down Tonight
Bad Weather
Just Hold On
Red Book

Careful What You Wish For (2003)

Telephone X
Carnival Girl
I'll See It Through
Where Did You Sleep?
And I Dream
Careful What You Wish For
Big Sleep
Under Your Skin
Carousel Dub
Place In My World
Another Day

The Greatest Hits (2000)

I Don't Want A Lover
In Demand
Say What You Want
Summer Son
Inner Smile
So In Love With You
Black Eyed Boy
So Called Friend
Everyday Now
In Our Lifetime
Guitar Song
Prayer For You
When We Are Together
Tired Of Being Alone
Put Your Arms Around Me
Say What You Want (All Day Every Day)

The Hush (1999)

In Our Lifetime
Tell Me The Answer
Summer Son
Sunday Afternoon
Move In
When We Are Together
Day After Day
Zero Zero
The Hush
The Day Before I Went Away

White On Blonde (1997)

Say What You Want
Drawing Crazy Patterns
Put Your Arms Around Me
Black Eyed Boy
Polo Mint City
White On Blonde
Ticket To Lie
Good Advice
Sunday Is The Saddest Day

Ricks Road (1993)

So Called Friend
Fade Away
Listen To Me
You Owe It All To Me
Beautiful Angel
So In Love With You
You've Got To Live A Little
I Want To Go To Heaven
Hear Me Now
Fearing These Days
I've Been Missing You
Winter's End
You're The One I Want It For
Tonight I Stay With YouTonight I Stay With You

Mothers Heaven (1991)

Mothers Heaven
Why Believe In You
Dream Hotel
This Will All Be Mine
Alone With You
In My Heart
Wrapped In Clothes Of Blue
Walk The Dust
How It Feels

Southside (1989)

I Don't Want A Lover
Tell Me Why
Everyday Now
Prayer For You
Thrill Has Gone
Fight The Feeling
Fool For Love
One Choice
Future Is Promises

Miscellaneous Songs

A Good Heart
Across The Universe
All In Vain
Asking For Favours
Believe Me
Cold Day Dream
Coming Down
Don't Help Me Through
Don't You Want Me
Early Hours
Heart Of Glass
Hold Me Lord
I Can't Get Next To You
I Shall Be Released
Is What I Do Wrong
I've Got A Feeling
Let's Get It On
Like Lovers (Holding On)
Living For The City
Love Dream #2
Love Hangover
Make Me Want To Scream
Never Never
Nothing To Prove
Nothing To Prove (Neanderthal Dark Ages Mix)
Nowhere Left To Hide
One Love
Parisian Pierrot
Private Number
Pull Up To The Bumper
Stay With Me
Strange That I Want You
Suspicious Minds
Sweet Child O' Mine
Sympathy For The Devil
Tainted Love
Take Me With You
Tear It Up
The Letter
The Weight
Waiting For The Fall
Walk On The Wildside
We Can Work It Out
You Gave Me Love
You'll Never Know
You're All I Need To Get By
Guitare Song
Her Me Now
I Dont Want A Lover
I've Been Mising You
Like Lovers
Mother Heaven
Sommer Son

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