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Turbonegro Song Lyrics

Sexual Harassment (2012)

I Got A Knife
Hello Darkness
Shake Your S**t Machine
Tna (the Nihilistic Army)
Mister Sister
Dude Without A Face
Buried Alive
Tight Jeans, Loose Leash
Rise Below
You Give Me Worms

Retox (2007)

We're Gonna Drop The Atom Bomb
Welcome To The Garbage Dump
Hell Toupee
Stroke The Shaft
No, I'm Alpha Male
Do You Do You Dig Destruction
I Wanna Come
You Must Bleed / All Night Long
Hot And Filthy
Boys From Nowhere
Everybody Loves A Chubby Dude
What Is Rock?!

Party Animals (2005)

Intro (The Party Zone)
All My Friends Are Dead
Blow Me (Like The Wind)
City Of Satan
Death From Above
Wasted Again
High On The Crime
If You See Kaye (Tell Her I L-O-V-E Her)
Stay Free
Babylon Forever
Hot Stuff / Hot Shit
Final Warning

Scandinavian Leather (2003)

The Blizzard Of Flames
Wipe It Til It Bleeds
Gimme Some
Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed
Sell Your Body (To The Night)
Remain Untamed
Train Of Flesh
Fuck The World
Locked Down
I Want Everything
Drenched In Blood (D.i.b.)
Le Saboteur
Ride With Us

Apocolypse Dudes (1997)

The Age Of Pamparius
Selfdestructo Bust
Get It On
Rock Against Ass
Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker
Rendeavous With Anus
Zillion Dollar Sadist
Prince Of The Rodeo
Back To Dungaree High
Are You Ready (For Some Darkness)
Monkey On Your Back
Humiliation Street
Good Head

Ass Cobra (1996)

A Dazzling Display Of Talent
The Midnight Nambla
Black Rabbit
Denim Demon
Bad Mongo
Mobile Home
I Got Erection
Just Flesh
Screwed And Tattooed
Hobbit Motherfuckers
Sailor Man
Turbonegro Hate The Kids
I Morgen Skal Eg Daue
Raggare Is A Bunch Of Motherfuckers
Young Boys Feet

Never Is Forever (1994)

Letter From Your Momma
Suburban Prince's Death Song
I Will Never Die
No Beast So Fierce
Destination: Hell
Pain In Der Arsch Pocket Full Of Cash
Hush, Earthling
Nihil Sleighride
(He's A) Grungewhore
Black Chrome
I Don't Care
The Ballad Of Gerda And Tore

Hot Cars And Spent Contraceptives (1991)

Librium Love
Armed And Fairly Well-equipped
Punk Pals
Kiss The Knife
Vaya Con Satan
I'm In Love With The Destructive Girls
Hot Cars
Clenched Teeth
Dark Secret Girl
New Wave Song
Nadsat Comes Easy
Zonked Out (On Hashish)
Prima Moffe
Career In Indierock

Miscellaneous Songs

Gimme Five
The Death Of Me
Rendezvous With Anus

Emma Jacob - Five For Fighting - Fragile Nova - Jeffree Star - Terri Clark - The Pussycat Dolls

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